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Advocates and Supporters of Women with Birth Trauma,

Hello and welcome to the Solace for Mothers Yahoo! Group for Advocates and Supporters of Women with Birth Trauma for those who love or care for women who have experienced birth trauma.

Childbirth is a community event. Mothers provide the center point and, yet, the very nature of birth expands a family, friendships and a community. Who is affected, then, when birth goes wrong? Everyone.

Mothers are profoundly and permanently changed by traumatic birth. Innocence is replaced by grief. Anger, sadness, cynicism, and reconciliation are part of the journey toward integrating the unexpected into their experience of parenting. Partners navigate the same minefield, as they come to terms with their expectations versus their realities following traumatic childbirth. Further, family and friends may feel unequipped to know how to provide support and encouragement, while helping parent to move to the next stages of parenting. Maybe surprising to some, educators, doulas, midwives and physicians must also reconcile their own experience of traumatic birth with the emotional need to be congruent with the values they bring to their work in mother/baby healthcare.

This Yahoo! group will provide a safe landing space for family, friends, and professionals to discuss their own experiences following unexpected birth outcomes. In addition, birth advocates are invited to contemplate the state of birth at this time in history, hopes for the future, and strategies for supporting among our most precious community members: mothers and their infants. Mothers are also welcome to this group, which is much more public in nature than the private Solace forum they can also enjoy.

If you have something to say about childbirth, please join us. We are very interested to read your story and your thoughts!

Sharon Storton, Founder
Solace for Mothers, Inc.

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