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Solace for Mothers Online Community for Women Who Have Experienced Birth Trauma


Hello and welcome to the Solace for Mothers Online Community for Healing Birth Trauma for women who have experienced birth trauma. The creators of our discussion board would like you to know that you are not alone. Other women have felt traumatized, deeply disappointed, or even violated by their birth experiences. Birth trauma is very real. We are here to offer you an online meeting place to share and connect with other women who have had similar experiences, and a place for you to begin your healing journey.

Birth trauma comes in many forms: a cesarean birth, a vaginal birth, a medically-complicated birth, or a very straightforward birth. Birth trauma can happen to a mother who has a healthy baby, a sick baby, or sadly, a mother whose baby died. Some women have moved past childhood abuse, only to have symptoms appear again following childbirth. Some women feel that they were manipulated into care choices that they now regret. Some women feel mistreated by their providers. Some women have even used the word "rape" to describe their births. Whatever the circumstances of your experience, you are welcome here to post in our forum.

It is our hope that women will eventually find some healing and be able to move forward from their trauma. Healing can be a very challenging road, so we include some resources for this process within the discussion board. This board also recognizes and allows for the entire range of emotions that accompany the healing process for birth trauma. Women may be feeling very different emotions at different times - or all at the same time!—and we encourage everyone who uses this board to be encouraging, helpful and to accept other people where they are. We will keep this space safe by being supportive without judgment.

Our discussion board is a private board. You will need to register in order to read comments left here. We hope that this measure reassures you that we understand that these issues are very personal and private, and we will take every measure to keep your posts private. Please consider this extra step to be your first step in healing. Feel free to register and then just read, if that is all you wish to do at this time.

Also, be aware that the information contained in this discussion board could possibly be triggering to some women. For example, some women will not be able to read any birth stories for quite some time, and others will want to read every single post. Every woman is individual in this regard and you must protect yourself by only reading what you are sure you can handle at this time.

We welcome you and value you in our on-line community.

Jenne Alderks and Jennifer Zimmerman, creators and moderators of the discussion board
supported by Sharon Storton and the Solace for Mothers team

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