Solace for Mothers has a number of volunteer opportunities available:

Contribute to the Mental Health Professional Directory

Solace for Mothers is compiling a directory of mental health providers (therapists) who are sensitive to traumatic response to childbirth. If you hear, meet or find out about a therapist who has experience working with women, couples and families who have been impacted by birth trauma, please submit the therapists name to Solace for Mothers at info@solaceformothers.org.

If you are interested in volunteering to search the internet and network with mental health professionals in your area or nationally, please contact us and we will get you started adding providers to the registry.


Screen and Recruit Mental Health Professionals on the Directory

In connection with the Mental Health Professional Directory, Solace for Mothers is screening providers who wish to be sponsored on the website. As a volunteer, you would arrange a conversation with a mental health professional and ask them questions regarding their practice style when a client is experiencing a traumatic response to childbirth. This will help mothers find a therapist who is sensitive, skilled and experienced in recognizing and working with birth trauma. If you are interested, please contact us and we can get you started.


Use the Solace for Mothers Tools and Provide Feedback

Solace for Mothers has developed three tools that aim to provide resources to childbearing women who have experienced a traumatic birth or are trying to prevent having a traumatic birth. If you choose to use any of the tools designed by Solace, please tell us about your experiences.

For the trauma assessment tool, did it help you determine if you were experiencing a traumatic response to your childbirth experience?

For the mental health professional screening tool, were you able to find a therapist who has been helpful in working through your trauma?

For the birth attendant interview tool, were you able to determine if the attendant you were interviewing was going to respect your right to informed consent throughout your care?

Please write to info@solaceformothers.org with your stories and experiences. If you have suggestions for improvements, please tell us.


Participate in Research Studies conducted by Solace for Mothers

Traumatic childbirth is a very misunderstood topic and the organizers of Solace for Mothers intend to conduct original research that investigate the causes, and effective treatments for birth trauma, as well as effective practices for prevention. If you are interested in participating in these research studies, please contact us at info@solaceformothers.org

Announcements for upcoming studies and opportunities to participate will be posted here periodically.


Promote the Online Communities locally and on the internet

Getting the word out about Solace for Mothers and its supportive services for mothers, loved ones and birth professionals, is an important goal of the organization. You can help by referring mothers, family members, friends and birth professionals to www.solaceformothers.org and telling them about the online communities and other resources available. You can also ask birth organizations to announce the Solace for Mothers resources in their newsletters or offer Solace printed materials in their offices.


Help Moderate the Online Communities

In order to ensure that our online communities are safe, respectful and supportive of individuals, we are looking for volunteers who can help us respond to posts, encourage conversations and address members’ concerns when they arise. If you are interested in volunteering as an assistant to the moderators, please contact info@solaceformothers.org.